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The last week from the first season !!!

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1 The last week from the first season !!! on Sun Jan 22, 2012 11:56 pm

We can now begin the last playweek from our first season, so let's play the two last clanwars in the same time for see the podium.

Final for the 3rd place
Warcraft Alive [WCA] vs. Icons of Vanity [IoV] - Schedule Here

Final for second and first places
DkH Multigaming e.V. [DkH] vs. All For One [A1] - Schedule Here

1v1: EI - TM - AZ - AI
2v2: TR

You have until tuesday 31st January 23:59 EST for play the clanwars.

I will give awards few days after the end of the playweek. I invite you to complete the survey for next season and I wish good luck and have fun to everyone for the finals.

- Send lineups 30 minutes before the start of the clan war (Add Country, Race & ID for each map)
- Send lineups to
- Schedule your matchs in the forum (Confirm scheduled time)
- Finish your match before the 18th january 23:59 EST
- The winner teams need to upload replays !
- Password for upload replays is wwl

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