What format for the second season ?

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29% 29% [ 2 ]
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29% 29% [ 2 ]
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Website changement

Sun Feb 05, 2012 8:03 pm by WWL|DarkOnN

WWL change name & website

You can join our new website here http://allforone.ze.cx/
Our new name is A1 League

For see awards ofthe first season & have news about the second seasonjoin our new website !

GG GL HF to everyone !!!!

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S1Final : DkH vs. A1

Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:21 pm by WWL|DarkOnN

DkH Multigaming e.V. vs. All For One
08:00 EST / XP League Room

DkH.Sub 0:2 YuRiFoCuS
Map: TM
DkH.Rudan 2:0 A.1st_Cechi
Map: AZ
DkH.ZoZ 0:2 A.1st_LawLiet
Map: AI
DkH.Rain 2:0 A.1st_Ryuk
Map: EI
DkH.Sniq & DkH.Rain 0:2 YuRiFoCuS & A.1st_LawLiet
Map: TR

DkH Multigaming e.V. 2:3 All For One

- Admin: DarkOnN
- Stream : http://www.readmore.de/index.php?cont=userstream&id=68

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My unpleasant duty to answer some reproaches

Wed Jan 25, 2012 4:25 pm by WWL|DarkOnN

BuZ uploaded a really harrassing thread about me at his wNL & nEL websites. He accuses me of different things which are not true in the way he presents them. I posted a statement there to counter those aspersions but he deleted it right away. For that reason I will post it here.

How you can see in the begin of that news, BuZ posted 2 screenshots where i confess "I am Liam", it's true, I am Liam.
Today my assistant manager, Sunrise, comes to told me about this bad thing, at the begin i was confused and surprised to read this news about your problems.
And given the turns that it took, I feel compelled to write this statement.
I think you should not mix everything. When I opened my league, buz had written an article like it's my league and where he told to everyone to don't register in wwl, how i can see some peoples joined my leagues despite everything, and i want to give them thanks.
Yes in the past i did wrong things, but i am sorry for them face to the entire community of this game, which is very very small luckily. I'm only a human and can do mistakes.
I will tell you why I denied being Liam. How BuZ had killed my reputation in his article, I thought the best way to defend myself was to deny it, but I was wrong and I regret it, I also want to give excuses to the community for that.
I think since this problem i proved to the community i'm not a bad guy, I conducted my league until the end and i have in idea to open a second season and i manage A1 since 3 months without any real problem.
But then BuZ has gone too far, he accused me of being a bad person about my past and now he has problems with his website and he accuses me to hack nEL & wNL. I have absolutely nothing to do with it.
I do not know what I did wrong to BuZ for he persists on me, I just want to understand why he continues to have some rage on me !
If BuZ did not see any problem, I want to have a talk with him front to the community if he wants!


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The last week from the first season !!!

Sun Jan 22, 2012 11:56 pm by WWL|DarkOnN

We can now begin the last playweek from our first season, so let's play the two last clanwars in the same time for see the podium.

Final for the 3rd place
Warcraft Alive [WCA] vs. Icons of Vanity [IoV] - Schedule Here

Final for second and first places
DkH Multigaming e.V. [DkH] vs. All For One [A1] - Schedule Here

1v1: EI - TM - AZ - AI
2v2: TR

You have until tuesday 31st January 23:59 EST for play the clanwars.

I will give awards few days after the end of the playweek. I invite you to complete the survey for next season and I wish good luck and have fun to everyone for the finals.

- Send lineups 30 minutes before the start of the clan war (Add Country, Race & ID for each map)
- Send lineups to w3wleague@gmail.com
- Schedule your matchs in the forum (Confirm scheduled time)
- Finish your match before the 18th january 23:59 EST
- The winner teams need to upload replays !
- Password for upload replays is wwl

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You can choose format for the next season

Thu Jan 19, 2012 2:17 am by WWL|DarkOnN

Hello everyone, sorry to keep you waiting but I had a lot of work these days. I am now here to continue the final with you ! We will start match for third place and match for first place at the next week.
I think I will open the second season soon after the end of the first season ! But i don't know with what format... So I need your help ! I created a vote to determine the format of next season. For those who do not know the new WC3L format, I prepared a small Battle Report for this format.

New WC3L format

FoCuS 0:0 LawLiet
FoCuS 0:0 Ryuk
eMaL 0:0 LawLiet
eMaL 0:0 Ryuk
eMaL & FoCuS 0:0 Ryuk & LawLiet


FoCuS 0:0 Shot
TaeYeoN 0:0 LawLiet
eMaL 0:0 LawLiet
eMaL 0:0 Ryuk
Lucky & eMaL 0:0 PraDo & LawLiet

--> One player can play 1 or 2 solo games + AT
--> You need minimum 2 players & maximum 6
--> ALL games must be played in bo3

nEL modified format

FoCuS 0:0 LawLiet
TaeYeoN 0:0 Ryuk
eMaL 0:0 Shot
Ace Match: FoCuS 0:0 LawLiet

--> One player can play 1 only solo game + Ace Match
--> You need minimum 3 players & maximum 4
--> ALL games must be played in bo2 except the Ace Match who must be played in bo1

The solo league consist to take 16 or 32 players (with qualifications if needed) and creating groups (classic or GSL groups format). And the winners meet in final bracket !
Last week from this first season will begin in few days, until that you can vote for second season format ! And i will soon show you awards from first season !!! Then stay tuned for see that.

GL & HF to everyone

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Team Pts. W/L PPs
CPLAY.Tt 24.3 54/14 0
WCA 23.4
DkH 19.7
IoV 17
eVo 16.4
BLR.hQ 11.9
36/34 0
RoB 3.9
20/52 0
PoM 0 0/70 0
Players Rank
Player Pts. W/L
  CP.Tt.LawLiet 36
  DkH.GueSs 22
CP.Tt.PraDo 21
  CP.Tt.FoCuS 21
WCA.Sonik 20
BLR.hQ.OrcWorker 20
RoB.x3-DemoN 20
CP.Tt.eMaL 19
CP.Tt.Cechi 18
WCA.Federal 17
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